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What Exactly Is SEO?

You know what it stands for, but what does it mean?

The ever-increasing mobility of today’s consumer means it’s more challenging for your business to find your ideal prospect, one who has:

  • Shown a demonstrable interest in your product or service
  • Purchased similar products or services in the past

But your consumer is not the only one always on the move. The metrics, rules, and policies of how search engines find information change frequently. And often without warning.

SEO is about targeting your ideal prospect with the best, most current techniques so that they know you’re the solution to their problems or the way to a better life. It’s a collection of activities designed to generate more traffic to your business.

It’s the magnet that:

  • Attracts ready-to-buy consumers to your website
  • Brings hungry consumers to your brick-and-mortar location
  • Blows up your phone lines
  • Fills up your email inbox
  • Skyrockets your revenue

The adage, “location, location, location” is critical in reaping huge financial successes in real estate, the restaurant business, and more. In online marketing, your “location” is your website.

Although your site is essential, it’s your prospect’s location that’s most important. In today’s mobile, modern world, how do you find your prospect so that they can find you?

In a word (or three), Search Engine Optimization – SEO.

How Does SEO Explode the Growth of Your Business?

Romain Berg researches which keywords are the most common that your prospects are using to find solutions to their problems or improve their lives.

These keywords are also integrated into every other aspect of your online digital marketing:

  • Website design
  • Social media presence
  • Content and copy
  • Link-building
  • Optimizing for mobile devices

These keywords are the signals that tell search engines that your website – your business – is relevant to what your ideal prospect wants.

What does this mean? More traffic. More chances to convert a prospect into a consumer. More revenue.

In short, when done correctly, SEO improves your ROI.

SEO Services with Romain Berg

Because Romain Berg built its foundation on SEO, and it remains one of our core services, you profit – and greatly.

At your behest are SEO analysts, conversion experts, link builders, and writers all dedicated to boosting the credibility and digital visibility of your business. Our collective experience and combined technical expertise are on tap for you and your business, resulting in:

  • A highly visible website
  • A customized designed site
  • Compelling, persuasive copy
  • High-quality SEO content
  • Solid, credible link-building

Our services are results-driven so that your business takes full advantage of the power and reach of the Internet. When you choose to work with us, you’ve acquired your own private digital marketing service. You’ll receive personalized service focused on:

  • Elevating the online presence of your business
  • Highlighting your solutions and services to your prospects
  • Expanding your reach
  • Boosting conversion rates

Plus, after we achieve your first set of goals, we continue working with you to maximize your website.

Content Services with Romain Berg

It’s not enough to have SEO experts if you don’t have highly-skilled writers who expertly weave those SEO-derived keywords into the content and copy throughout your site.

Gone are the days of using strange, awkward phrases in sentences to make sure a long-tail keyword phrase fit into the content. Readers were turned off by it, so search engines adapted.

Now, writers must be wordsmiths who can craft compelling sentences with seamlessly-integrated keywords and key phrases.

At Romain Berg, our writers write concisely and impeccably. They use your tone and brand voice to convey ideas conversationally. Elements of persuasion, engagement, and targeted wit funnel your reader to a call to action that they feel compelled to answer.

Research is the key to success with content, and the writers writing for you are good because of the research that they and the rest of your Romain Berg team conduct. Together, they not only engage your reader but also grab the attention of Google, Bing, and other search engines that get you ranked on the first page of search results.

The more high-quality content your brand has on your website, the more it will convert visitors into buyers.

Your website will stand out amongst its competitors when you combine the SEO and Content Services of Romain Berg and have them working for you.

To Ramp Up Your SEO, Partner with Romain Berg Today

Just like the curb appeal on a home or brick-and-mortar business, first impressions can make or break your website – it’s your digital storefront.

With Romain Berg, you’ll have access to comprehensive, fully-integrated services that ensure your website visitors have the best user experience possible. In turn, this means a higher chance of explosive growth and meeting your business goals.

We don’t want to simply land your website on the first page of search engine results that state your authority as an industry leader. We want to build you a multi-faceted, multi-platform online presence that opens new, more efficient, more profitable streams of success and revenue.

We don’t want you to reach your business goals – we want you to shatter them.